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Save Time and Get it Right

CircleCalc WAG now includes XCEL

Overwhelmed by the number of routines you have to track?

Tired of the hassle of pre-competition forms?

Just five optional athletes requires you to keep track of thirty routines. Add more athletes and you easily get to an unmanageable situation. Even an Xcel team with ten girls competing in five meets is 200 routines.

CircleCalc can help. CircleCalc was developed by an FIG Brevet judge and is constantly updated with every update to the rules.

Choose the Solution Used by Champions

CircleCalc is used by most of the top NCAA teams including NCAA champions Michigan, Illinois, and Oklahoma, by the Team USA at the Olympics and World Championships and by many top club teams, including national champion Cypress Academy.

Invest Your Time Where it Counts

CircleCalc will track your athletes' routines, review routines for construction errors and print your pre-competition forms. And, it's always current: CircleCalc is immediately updated whenever a rule change occurs, so you'll never go to a competition with a start value based on old rules.

While CircleCalc manages the details, you can spend your time where it matters most - working with your athletes.

Put CircleCalc to Work for Your Team

Simply enter your athletes' routines. CircleCalc Paris will calculate your start values for you. You won't have to worry about repetition, excess element group skills, connections, or other composition issues. When you're satisfied, just click print to finish your pre-comp forms.

Get Started Now for Just $18 to $23 a month. Discounts for full year subscriptions and for subscribing to both CircleCalc MAG and WAG.

To subscribe, click on the Get CircleCalc MAG or WAG button. Click on the Run CircleCalc (above) button for a free trial. In CircleCalc, click on LOGIN without entering a username or password.

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